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I want a name added to my bandana!

I want a name added to my bandana!

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Sizing Guide

Tie-Then-Snap Bandana

SMALL: 17'' snap-snap
MEDIUM: 22'' snap-snap
LARGE: 28'' snap-snap

Over-The-Collar Bandana

SMALL: up to 1.5'' collar
MEDIUM: up to 2'' collar
LARGE: up to 2'' collar


SMALL: 3''X 4.5''
MEDIUM: 4'' X 5.5''
LARGE: 5'' X 6.5''


SMALL: 5'' X 4.5''
MEDIUM: 6'' X 5.5''
LARGE: 7'' X 6.5''


We choose to use high quality cotton, corduroy, and flannel fabrics to make our items.

Our leather tags are handmade by a Canadian Small Business.

Many of our prints are sourced from Spoonflower which helps support small artists who design all of their prints!

Our snaps are made of metal.

Care Instructions

Wash in cool / warm water and lay flat to dry.

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