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Mama's Boy Bowtie

Jazz up your pet's collar with our handmade Bowtie, available in multiple sizes.

Our Bowties are made with padding so they keep their shape better & hold up during those play dates, but stay flexible enough to not get in the way. 

Elastic collar  attachment : Two strips of elastic on either side of the middle, on the back of the bowtie which just slips over the collar. The elastic keeps the bowtie on the collar in an upright position 24/7.

Small Bowties are 3" tall X 4" wide
(collar attachment fits around collars of 1/2" - 1" width)
{Perfect for cats or small dogs}

Medium Bowties are 4" tall X 5 1/2" wide
(collar attachment fits around collars of 7/8" - 1.25" width)
{Perfect for medium Dogs} 

Large Bowties are 5" tall X 6 1/2" wide
(collar attachment fits around collars of 1.25" - 2.50" width)
{Perfect for large Dogs} 

Hand Wash in cold water and lay flat to dry, to help keep its shape.


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