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Hey! You must be wondering about our Wholesale options and pricing...

Thank you for your interest in our products, we really appreciate it! Our products are handmade by me, Chloe☺️, and they are made with hand picked fabrics. Since all items are handmade, each item has been carefully inspected and created with the highest of quality in mind! 


In order to qualify for wholesale pricing you must order at least 20 total items to receive wholesale pricing.

A full payment for the order is required before the order can be processed.

There is 2-3 weeks processing time to complete the custom items as well, depending on how many you need.

Items can be processed as fast as 1.5 weeks with a RUSH ORDER fee of $100.

For specific item pricing or custom logo pricing please fill out the form on our Contact Us page! You will receive a list of pricing and our wholesale process information with in 48hrs.


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