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What size should I choose?

We recommend measuring your dogs collar length to figure out the right size bandana you'll need. Don't forget you can always roll the bandana over and then tie & snap the bandana for a better fit!

What's an "Over-The-Collar" Bandana?

Our "Over-The-Collar" Bandanas are created to slide over your pet's collar. The bandana has up to 2'' of room to easily fit most collars.

We recommend this option for pets that like to loose their bandanas while playing.

What is a 'Tie-Then-Snap' Bandana?

Our 'Tie-Then-Snap' Bandanas are a classic triangle shape bandana with one metal snap on each end. Our 'Tie-Then-Snap' Bandanas can be worn from snap to snap or by tying the bandana and snapping the ends together for more security.

How long will it take for me to get my order?

As of 2024, all items except custom orders are made "ready to ship". This means within 1-2 days of you order, it ships! You'll receive an email with your tracking information once your order has shipped.

Custom creations have a standard processing time of 3-5 days before shipping.


We offer many discount codes as we have a few lovely people repping our brand!

  • Discounts may only be used one at a time, one per order.
  • We are, in most cases, unable to apply discounts to already created orders.


If you are not satisfied with our products quality and the items have not been worn, we will accept a return for store credit.

If you purchased the wrong size and can not make it work for your pet, we are unable to accept returns.

If you catch that you have ordered the wrong size before your order ships let us know and we will fix it on the backend. Please see our Return Policy . *additional charges may be subject to requesting new sizes for an order*


Our shipping rates vary based on country and how fast you would like to receive your items.

USA Orders over $50 will receive free shipping!

We ship to Canada! We ask that you keep in mind any possible customs or import duties that are applied to your package - the fees vary depending on country. Also, remember that international orders take a bit longer to get to their destination once they are shipped.

Product Information

Bandana Care Instructions

We recommend spot cleaning & hand washing to remove a stains. But, if you are lazy like us, you can wash your bandanas in the machine wash on a cool or warm cycle. Always let your bandanas lay flat to dry, to prevent them from scrunching / wrinkling up.

Bow Care Instructions

Wash bowties or bows in the machine wash on a cool or warm cycle or Hand Wash. Hand squeeze the extra water out. Always let your items lay flat to dry, to prevent them from scrunching / wrinkling up.

HTV Design Care Instructions

Heat Transfer Designs can be on many of our products.

  • Never Iron over the design
  • Do NOT put items containing HTV in the dryer
  • Do NOT steam over the design
  • You may layer parchment paper over the design and then iron over if needed.

Embroidery Care Instructions

Embroidery is another design that can be offered on many of our products.

  • You may Iron / Wash embroidered items

Wholesale Information

Bulk Purchase Discounts

We have many breeders or local businesses that place orders not quite large enough to qualify as Wholesale Pricing. For these cases we do offer a 20% bulk discount for orders containing 10-30 items.

Please visit our Contact Us Page and shoot us an email for further information on bulk discounts.

Wholesale Pricing

For orders of 35+ items, we offer a 35% discount on items.

We are affiliated with if you wish to use that site to purchase some our items wholesale.

If you wish to curate custom prints for items or work with us outside of please shoot us an email at

So you want to rep our brand?

What we are looking for in a Brand Rep...

  • Kind & Honest people
  • Hannah Chloe Co. LOVERS
  • Animals with their own Social Media Accounts
  • Social Media Accounts with 1000+ Followers
  • Accounts that post 5 days a week
  • Accounts that post engaging high quality, bright & fun content
  • 18+ years of age and living in USA or CA

Our Brand Rep Requirements

  • We hold no specific term length, we follow a 'rep when you can' style of term each year.
  • Post photos to the contracted account 2 times a month.
  • Share any launch promotions, sales, and event information.
  • Email us 1 high quality photo per month
  • Use our hashtag #COSTYLEBUDDY in any featured posts

How will we compensate our Brand Reps?

  • 20% off all brand rep purchases
  • 10% off code for followers
  • Early Access to Launches
  • $10 store credit for every 3 code uses, credit is sent out every 60 days
  • Quarterly $20 gift card options for follower giveaways

How can I apply?

You can apply here!

We are always taking applications, but we have a maximum of 25 reps at any time.

Apply for our Model Team!

What is a Hannah Chloe Co. Model?

Our model positions are open for those who may not want to commit to our Brand Rep requirements but want to be a part of our small business community.

We require any model projects be completed within 14 days of receiving products.

How do I apply?

We ask that any Model Applicants apply via email.

Please send the following to ...

  • 3 sample photos that best show your overall photo style and editing ability.
  • Please Explain your interest in joining our model team.

We are looking for a brightly lit, well focused and realistic style of modeling to showcase our products.

Model Requirements

  • Email 5 photos and 1 video per Model Term
  • Usage Rights for any content emailed is 6 months
  • Content MUST be delivered within 14 days of product receival

Model Compensation

Models will receive $75 store credit to choose any items they wish to create content with.

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