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Join our Brand Rep Team!

Apply here if you want to be apart of our brand rep team!

Brand Rep Requirements:

- Each Brand Rep term is 3 months, always with a chance to come back for the next term 

- Only 18 years or older may apply

- The account you will use MUST be an animal focused account that is set to public (personal accounts will not be considered).

- Post an original photo featuring Hannah Chloe Co. items, tagging us on your feed Three (3) times a month

- Post an original video/photo featuring Hannah Chloe Co. items, tagging us in your stories Three (3) times a month

 - Post an original Reel featuring Hannah Chloe Co. items, once a month

 - Share information on Company Launches, Promotions and other Events

- Use bright & clear photos, be active on your account

- Use the hashtag #COSTYLEBUDDY on posts / reels

- Keep things light and pawsitive on your account



Brand Rep Perks: 

- 15% off code to share with friends/followers

- 25% off all your purchases

- Ability to suggest patterns & styles

- Early Access to each new collection

- Freebies from Brand Representative contests

- 10% commission from every purchase made using your unique link / discount code

(percentage of commissions will grow 2% each consecutive term *caps at 20%*)

- WELCOME GIFT : $15 Store Credit *can be used with brand rep discount code*

- $10 store credit {gift card} for every 500 points earned

          -  100 points for every referred purchase that uses your code/unique link

          - 2 points for every dollar spent on products only



*Filling out this form shows that you understand the requirements and perks of our Brand Rep Program. Full contracts will be sent via email once your application is approved. Applying for the Brand Rep term does not mean you will be accepted. We try to keep a limit of 25 Brand Reps at any time so please be aware that if you are not accepted now you may be contacted to join in the future.*


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