Woman Owned & Created Small Business

Woman Owned & Created Small Business

Hey! It's me, Chloe, the creator and CEO of Hannah Chloe Co. A pet accessories company that was started to bring dog bandanas to life and support all sizes in the pet community. 

For all who have the question; who is Hannah...It's me! My full name is Hannah Chloe Dean and as a child I felt Hannah never really fit, but Chloe was and is who I truly am! Growing up I would always bring home critters and find a way to help them or love them. I have had almost any kind of pet at this point in my life...whether it be fluffy or scale-y.

My dream in life had always been to become a veterinarian. I soon realized that being a Vet wasn't the best path for me, as putting animals to rest is not something I could do. So when it came time for college, I went the business route and now have Bachelor’s Degrees in both Marketing and Management with minors in Entrepreneurship and Fashion Merchandising. I knew I wanted to start my own business, I just never knew what I wanted it to be. The love I have for animals and creativity has brought me here. 

When building a brand and business from the ground up I spent days and weeks on the name. Trying to find the proper name for my business was difficult. Should it be 'Bridget & Friends' to include my golden retriever, Bridget or 'HCD Creates' or maybe 'Bridget & Co.'? I decided to go with my own name because although this company is focused on pets and their accessories, everything I hand make and create is from my heart and what I truly love. This company is me and everything I love and stand for.


Thank you greatly for supporting a dream and woman owned small business!

I can't wait to see what's up ahead,


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